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Lucy is a photographer and entrepreneur based in Berlin, Germany. She is constantly using the travel opportunities afforded to her – previously through her studies at NYU, and now through her day job as founder of the alternative death care start up reLive – to build her photographic portfolio.

Lucy had her first solo exhibition featuring street works from a summer spent in Cuba at the MRG Fine Art Gallery in Los Angeles in August 2016. More recently, she curated a 22-piece installation of similar works at Casa Caña restaurant, which was named Boston's Most Beautiful Restaurant of the Year in 2018 by Eater. From 2017-2020 she sold works at the annual Mass College of Art and Design auction.


By purchasing art from Lucy, you are not only supporting her photographic work, but her other entrepreneurial pursuits as well, which center around making sustinable death care alternatives more available to people around the world. 

Please get in touch using the form about prints or commissions. 

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+1 617-840-1414

+49 163 198 5547

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